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The Riverhead Administrators are here to help.  Please use this page to access important information during Distance Learning.  We are always doing our best for the well being and education of our wonderful students.  Thank you to the Riverhead Administrators Association for their creativity and collaboration on organizing this access to important information during this emergency closure.

Principal: Sean O'Hara

Assistant Principal: Kellyann Parlato

Assistant Principal: Nicole Taylor

Director of Guidance: Charles Gassar

Principal: Stephen Hudson

Assistant Principal: Paul Hewitt

Principal: Patrick Burke

Assistant Principal: Callan Lonergan

Principal: David Enos

Assistant Principal: Jeanne Grim

Principal: Dedra Rodgers

Assistant Principal: Alison Conroy

Principal: Thomas Payton

Principal: Bryan Miltenberg

Assistant Principal: Gary Karlson

Special Subjects

Director of Health,

Physical Education and Athletics:

Brian Sacks

Director of ELA:

Maria Casamassa

Director of Fine Arts:

Jason Rottkamp

Director PPS and Special Education:

Eileen Manitta

Assistant Director of Special Education:

Jeanne-Marie Mazzaferro

Assistant Director of Special Education:

Amy McKee

English as a New Lanuage


Director of Elementary ENL:

Elizabeth Scaduto

Director of Secondary ENL:

Denise Stevenson


Director of STEM:

Veronique Bailey

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