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Elementary Physical Education
Distance Learning

     Please follow the grid below in order to find your child’s Physical Education plan for distance learning. The grid shows a layout to performing physical education activities at least two days a week.


    See example activities you can find in the packets or under physical education resources.

    Make sure to fill out the log below showing the activity performed during the week. (Kindergarten and 1st grade parents may need to assist in filling out the log). If your child is able to perform activity more than two days a week, please log it! We would love to see your son or daughters progress!

    The activities listed below are not mandatory. Please feel free to modify the activities or use other resources. For example, if they choose to not do push-ups, but were out in the back yard for 30 minutes running around or riding bikes, that would be acceptable and can be logged! Open the document below and get started. Have fun! 

We also have a Google Classroom that you can access as well.

Class code: P5rh2ma 
Be Healthy and Safe, 


        Physical Education Department

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